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Lets Make Sure We Know Basic Flip Deal Numbers

Keep It Simple! 1. As-Repaired Value 2. Repair Estimate 3. Purchase Price

Can You Pass The Flipping Personality Test?

This article does a fair job describing the important traits to successfully and CONSISTENTLY flip big assets like real estate. It accurately claims it should not be taken lightly, since I can tell you for sure that a 1000 details aren't...

Wholesaling Still Stinks

I like to remind investors of this about once a year. Why does wholesaling stink?  Let me answer that for you. Getting enough motivated leads to call you is hard. You know this right? Marketing, calling, driving, even going through software,...

Is An LLC Best For Real Estate?

I get this question a lot so let's clear it up. Admittedly, there are several legal entitities to choose from. LLC, S-Corp, Partnership, even you personally. Yes, you are considered a legal entity too! I have to say this is not legal or...

13 Proactive Ways to Increase Rent to Your Rental Property

It’s often noted that people make up their minds about you in seven seconds. In other words, you don’t have long to make a first impression. Neither does your rental. As I noted in my last article, simple aesthetic improvements such as window shutters, painting the front door, mowing the lawn, hedging any bushes or trees, replacing the mailbox or address numbers and the like can be hugely important. Here’s an example from that article of the same house with and without those aesthetic improvements

Top states to find a job in America in 2017

The job market is complicated these days. Nationwide, unemployment has fallen to levels not seen since the turn of the millennium. In some states the rate is even lower. Yet more than 1.5 million Americans have been out of work for half a year or more, and skilled positions across the country are going unfilled. Even so, some states are deftly navigating it all, adding jobs and growing their economies.